Home Architecture The price of money is falling, what is the future?

The price of money is falling, what is the future?

Earlier I wrote about the importance of accurate calculation of population in an article. This time too there is a doubt about the population count, the result – again we will not get the exact data.
Agriculture saved us during Corona. But this time is also unfavorable. Floods, lack of rain, wildfires, lowering of water level, increase in cost of equipment – these reasons will not yield as expected this time. The World Food Organization has already issued a warning. About 820 million people around the world are food insecure because of the Ukraine war, rising oil prices, covid, climate. As a result, many countries have stopped exporting food.

The biggest weakness of Bangladesh is that we depend on foreign countries for many things. Relying on expatriate remittances and only on the ready-made garment industry, we showed luxury. But after all business booms come downturns, worse depressions. If our country now goes bad, it will go into recession, Sri Lanka is in depression.



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