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The Essentials: Parisian Apartment Decor Fall – Cocozy

When you think of a Parisian apartment, what comes to mind? Elegance with lots of white and neutral tones. High ceilings and impressive sculpted moldings. Everything looks right and this particular apartment is just that but with a touch of colour. jewelry designer Aurelie Biedermann Captured by her love of art history, she included it in her 18th-century Parisian apartment.

Get inspiration from this vibrant Parisian apartment when you redecorate this fall. Add pops of your favorite color on top of the classic neutrals and earthy colors that fall brings.

Natural light shines on a modern stainless steel kitchen.

The color scheme is inspired by some of her favorite works which include pomegranate and soft pink tones.

Pillow| Couch| Sheep | flower vase | Mirror | coffee table | mural

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Modern and colorful décor sets a nice contrast to the office’s neutral colors – along with French doors.

Lots of textures, patterns, and bold colors in this basic bedroom.

1 . dress | dress 2 | 3 . dress | 4 . dress | 5 . dress

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Photography byMatthew Solving

of formatAnna Cardinal

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