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Sorry Ohtani fans, the judge is AL MVP

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Aaron Judge has calmed down the connoisseurs of analysis and protective styluses.

Sure, they were loud and hit the drum against the judge being the best player in the MLS. It was crazy, but real.

Before the All-Star Game in Los Angeles, the same game in which Judge was the main winner in fan voting in MLB America, there were written stories and conversation promoting Los Angeles Angels two-way star Shohei Ohtani for the best player.

Otani was shining brilliantly and posing a severe threat as well. Yes, the AL MVP unanimously a year ago was Babe Ruth again.

But Ohtani love and admiration misleading and misplaced.

Judge – The New York Yankees star is right Felder – is the best player in the best team. And if people start to overlook him a little bit, the judge didn’t waste any time after the All-Star break to get all baseball players to know what he’s been up to all season.

On Sunday, in the Yankees’ 6-0 win over the Orioles in Baltimore, Judge blew up a proper framing option. 456 feet home run run. He now has a four-game winning streak, hitting .529 (9 for 17) with four ground smashes and 11 RBI. HR gave it to Judge 37. He easily leads everyone in this section of the game.

The Yankees are the best team in MLB at 66-31 and Judge scored a big reason for that. That’s why he’s clearly the luckiest at this point.

And what about angels? They are not going anywhere. They are 40-55 and fourth at El West, 23.5 games from first. But all the Analytics experts to see are Ohtani’s stats as a hitter – 0.259 with 20 HR and 57 RBI – and pitcher – 9-5 with 2.80 ERA.

Enter JD Martinez. The Boston Red Sox player added fuel to Ohtani’s fire at the All-Star Game. He was ready to be named Player of the Year for the second consecutive season.

“I think it’s a no-brainer,” Martinez told Los Angeles media. “How are you going to compete with Ohtani? He will win it in the next five years. As long as he plays and hits, you won’t beat him.

“Look at (Vladimir Guerrero Jr.) last year. If Vlady doesn’t win it, nobody wins it. That’s a lot. If you look at the war numbers, the value numbers, who else can influence the game from both sides? Just change its name to Ohtani Award”.

Stop it.

Martinez is certainly captivated by the moment. There is no context with Otani noise.

According to Martinez’s logic, Russell Westbrook should have won four consecutive NBA players. He won the MVP award when he averaged a triple-double in 2016-2017. In doing so, he became the first player since Oscar Robertson in 1961-1962.

Even Westbrook holds the NBA record for the most triple-doubles.

But its influence has already worn off and he does not continue to win the title of MVP despite continuing to accumulate double numbers in points, rebounds and assists.

Since winning the MVP title, Westbrook has gone on to have three more seasons as he averaged a triple. However, he has not placed fifth in the MVP vote since winning the award. In 2021, while playing for the Washington Wizards, he ranked 11th in the vote.

“I looked at Westbrook, and he got tripled this year and nobody noticed. They don’t think it was a big deal,” Robertson said on a podcast in 2021. “I think that’s totally unfair.

“I think he should have won (MVP) again. If he (average) three times again, and he (MVP) does not win, then why does he keep the stats?”

Let us help you, Big O. It’s not just about accumulating stats. Winning – and context when you’re collecting stats – are important.

The problem with Ohtani’s season is that he hasn’t really had any meaningful effort since opening day. Even worse, Otani was nowhere to be seen when his team needed him most. He was MIA during the 14-game losing streak that cost manager Joe Madon his job and the Angels their season.

Judge has been with the Yankees all season, and has had major successes in the big games. That’s what you call an MVP.



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