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How to Make Money with a Chirpyest Shopping Board –

I’m always adding items to my board. Sometimes it’s for myself and other times it’s during demos for people who want to learn more. The easiest way to use the shopping board feature is by adding the browser extension. While you are online shopping, you click “add to shopping board” and the item will then be added. It’s that simple.

See my shopping board here.

How to Make Money? 

Once you added items to your board, you can share the URL with friends, followers, and/or family members. Direct traffic to your board and once someone makes a purchase from your linked products, you will earn cash back. The cash back percentage is the amount of commission you will receive in your account. You must have a PayPal account linked in order to receive money.

You can browse the Chirpyest community’s boards to get inspired here.



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