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How much will Iran pull Russia in the ditch?

Russia has not shown interest in these matters related to Iran’s interests. Therefore, it is not right to think that Tehran will rush to give Russia any major support when Moscow’s position in the world court has significantly decreased. But that does not mean that Iran and Russia will not continue to cooperate on many issues of mutual interest. Last May, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak visited Tehran. At that time, there was a discussion about bringing the national transaction systems of the two countries into the same connection (so that banking transactions are easier). Putin and Raisi then discussed the Iran nuclear deal by phone in early June. In late June, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited Tehran and discussed bilateral relations.

Recently, Russia and Iran have begun to improve their nominal relationship somewhat. However, as claimed by the United States, Russia-Iran relations have by no means reached that level.

Asia Times Taken from, translated from English Manoj Dey

‚óŹ Nikolai Mikovich Serbian analyst on the foreign policy of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine



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