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How modern and industrial friendly the education will be in changing the curriculum

After almost a year and a half (571 days), the students returned to the classroom. To keep the education system functioning during the Corona period, the Ministry of Education has taken various initiatives considering the situation—online, offline, one-two day classes in a week, assignments, tests on short syllabus, auto pass etc. But when the class-examination started in full swing after everything was normal, the new attack of corona (fourth wave) appeared again. Floods came, SSC exam postponed.

The country also has drought, winter, summer, monsoon, Eid and Puja holidays. The first push for all this comes in the educational institution. Recently, many educational institutions were swept away by floods, books were destroyed. The entire people of Sylhet are suffering. Now these institutions have to be created anew, new books have to be delivered to the hands of the students. So let’s not waste time with the newly formulated curriculum after so many natural disasters including Corona. However, since the release of the new curriculum, various discussions and criticisms are going on among teachers, students and parents.



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