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Crisis in energy and power sector due to government’s wrong policies and corruption: National Committee

8. Independent experts of the country, including the National Committee, have repeatedly said that the important condition for energy security is to increase the national capacity to produce safe and environmentally friendly electricity and energy. And for that, we want to increase the country’s land and sea gas production and development of renewable energy through domestic institutions. Dependence on imported coal and LNG does not provide cheap reliable fuel, hence energy security cannot be achieved. There is no stability in the price of oil, coal or LNG, and there is no guarantee of supply, and nuclear power also relies on foreign energy for the fuel uranium. Therefore, thousands of megawatts of capacity can be increased by building imported oil-coal-LNG-uranium power plants, but it does not guarantee cheap and reliable power generation. Apart from that coal-based and nuclear power including Rampal, Rooppur are completely abandoned as they are dangerous, financially and environmentally threatening for the country.



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