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5 end-of-summer outfits to transition into fall – Cocozi

Casual day errands

Sometimes a nice and casual outfit can make your whole day better. Finding those perfect jeans that you can wear all season long also makes it easier. Now just add a stylish handbag.

night fall

Grab your favorite black summer dress and add a cute jacket. Now you have trendy outfits for a night out with your friends. Wear it with a stylish pair of heels and a handbag.

fall feminine

Fall fashion isn’t always about layering. A brown leather midi dress and handbag will give you an effortlessly feminine look.

casual office

The key to a stylish office look is elegant pants and loafers. The rest is up to you to set your own personal style. A simple white t-shirt with an oversized denim jacket will give you a streamlined and relaxed look for the office.

European style

The popular summer style transitions into fall. Fall European style is all about investing in the right staples like pants, a jacket, sunglasses, and a designer handbag. Shop the look below.

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