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12 Affordable & Stylish Area Rugs

I think we can all agree that shopping for rugs can be overwhelming. there So Many styles, sizes and prices to choose from online.

In this post, I am going to share 12 stylish and affordable rugs online. I’ve included a variety of colors (bold, neutral, and in between) to choose from as well.

Also, let’s talk about texture! I know shag rugs have been gone for years, but it’s fun to have different options depending on what room your rug will be in – like the living room, bedroom, or office.

At the end of the post, I’ll share Elsie’s tips for keeping carpets clean. This is a common question in the world of A Beautiful Mess because many of us love light-colored rugs.

Numerator types in this post: Shaggy, jute, chenille, woolen, tufted, moroccan, bohemian.

Light white jute rug

Price range: $30 to $648

You can’t go wrong Simple jute rug. Elsie swears by this and has used it over and over again. Neutral color goes with everything It is easy to clean. It comes in three other colors (natural, navy, and black).

Orla chenille rug

Price range: $39 to $189

this is Soft chenille carpet With rich colors and a classic geometric print. It comes in multiple sizes and the largest is under $200. result!

tufted maze rug

Price range: $49 to $239

Labyrinth pattern on this tune Cream colored rug It adds style without being overwhelming. I love a cream rug in the bedroom or shoe-free shoe area to keep your rug looking its best for longer.

ivory one-story rug

Price range: $90 to $608

These are my colors! I love orange and pink together, and adding green is the icing on the cake. I always take reviews into account when shopping for a rug, and this product has received 4.8 star ratings.

Camel carpet loom

Price range: $90 to $1,620

Did you know this Gun Paper Company make rugs? The quality is amazing (Elsie has one of the rugs in her own master bathroom) and prices too. I can say this carpet loom It would be even more amazing in person!

moroccan shak rug

Price range: $107 to $743

file this moroccan shak rug Under the “classic” category. The design is so versatile, you can use it in a colorful room to add texture and depth to the space.

Watercolor woven rug

Price range: $64 to $1,198

How amazing This woven rug? The gradient colored look is stunning, and the way it’s made (by artisans committed to fair labor practices) is even better. I really love this rug.

faux cowhide rug

Price range: $150 to $250

I had no idea about that Cowhide rugs It was easy to clean until Emma told me about one she had in her dining room. The fibers can be cleaned out of place, so you don’t have to worry about spills as much. Another neutral rug that can “dress up” any space!

Moroccan jute rug

Price range: $79 to $389

I’ve been looking for a new blush pink rug for my living room, and this It is on my list. It is made of eco-friendly fiber that is easy to clean, which is very important because I have a dog. This rug is available in three other colors (beige, light grey, and yellow) as well.

Boho Dots Area Rug

Price range: $160 to $710

Another rug that looks very good in the bedroom or dining room. It is simple polka dot rug With a little extra stuff, and it’s thick enough that you don’t need a pillow underneath. Don’t forget to check it out when purchasing your next rug!

What is the best way to clean a rug?

Elsie has a mix of vintage and newer rugs and she swears this cleanser. Vacuuming carpets (at least once a week) is another trick to keeping them looking fresh and new. You can read more about it Carpet cleaning tips here.

Speaking of antique rugs, Elsie’s favorite places to shop for are:

Here’s a collage with each rug from this post (with links below).

links: Novogratz rug bungalow / AnnieSilk aqua rug / nuLOOM burlap rug / Novogratz polka dot rug / faux cowhide rug / pink moroccan rug / Eve rug / Camel carpet loom / natural moroccan rug / tufted maze rug / Jim Terry Pink Rug / Orla chenille rug

Looking for more rug ideas? Make sure to check out…



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