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10 things I love about Sunday

Happy weekend! I’m just as much trying to enjoy this last part of summer and I’m starting to get excited for fall. That’s what I love this week!

Close-up of flower bouquets

1. Trader Joe’s flowers are the best and make me happy. I ordered some peony bulbs to plant this fall and am so excited to plant them.

2. This Bottle of water It is a hoax for the people Stanley version And the cheapest way.

3. This caraway basins Amazing, it comes with the best storage space ever so you can stand up pans and save space!

4. How many times have you seen Top Gun: Maverick? One Republic’s “I’m Not Worried” is officially my summer anthem, and I want to go see the movie again.

5. You just ordered the next Inspector Gamache book By Louise Penny – It’s one of my all-time favorite series. I also co-wrote this book With Hillary Clinton I enjoyed it too.

6. This dress From amazon really comfy and cute. It will be good for that in between summer and fall too.

7. I added cold vanilla foam to my pink drink order at Starbucks this week, and it reminded me of it Preservative cream I loved candy. Nostalgia!

8. I’m working my way through Emma Air fryer favorites existing. In the summer, I hate turning on the oven.

9. Olipop just went out with Flavor inspired by Dr. Pepper. Will you try it?

10. I ordered a cup of candy corn from This is an Etsy store I can’t wait to get here!

Note here last week 10 things Sunday In case you missed it on yourself!



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