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10 things I love about Sunday

Summer is still certain (90 degrees here today), but I’m keeping an eye out for some good things in the fall already. And my Pinterest feed has already turned almost 100% off and Halloween content, so I know I’m not the only one thinking this stuff… right??

We only have a few weeks left of my husband being here at home before we send him on another run for his job (and we’ve been sick almost the entire time he’s been home by now), so we need to get out and make the most of him before he takes off again. .

I have my eyes on a French pastry shop to visit and want to try a new donut place (and get some good pierogies) before I go. However, it is not as good as My mother’s horoscopein my humble opinion).

Mushroom glass vases with fresh flowers

1. I’ve been searching for a good non-toxic nude nail polish since my favorite production went out, and I really like this one Which I tried for a few months (in HZ).

They have a few nude-like color options you can get at Target, and if you use a file topcoat Well I can get a week of getting dressed easily!

2. Which month can I drink from this? Now or wait until September?

3. How cute is this mushroom pot?

4. We went out Cute little popcorn maker to watch Stranger Things IV Recently, we were reminded of how good fresh popcorn is…so delicious!

5. This removable wallpaper IS FUN I’ll even use smaller amounts for the line drawers or the back of the shelf to get a pop of style.

6. I’m more of a cute Halloween girl than a scary girl, so This is a sweatshirt ideal.

7. Got two of these On vacation and I want it Add some of these To start a group – very beautiful!

8. My favorite thing on TV right now is replay on HBO. Former Nathan Fielder Show, Nathan for youHe was one of our all-time favourites, and I was glad to see him back again. It’s embarrassing genius comedy gold.

9. I got these door knocker earringsAnd even though it looks like a big earring, it’s really light! I love the retro atmosphere.

10. I’m not done yet good neon sign. You are?

I didn’t make Nutella Puppy Chow A long time snack, I’ve been craving for a movie night soon. I really want to see Marcel crust with shoes, so maybe that would be good for that! xo. Lura

Note here last week 10 things Sunday In case you miss it on yourself!



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