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10 Statement Wall Ideas

Well, we’ll admit it. we the love Colorful and interesting Statement walls. We may or may not have many in our homes already. If that’s possible… haha.

If you’re looking to add some color or personality to your walls, here are 10 statement wall ideas that might inspire you.

The first statement wall idea on our list is This is a clementine wall stamped by hand. It’s perfect for the kitchen and really easy to do.

Here’s a similar idea using a file Homemade star stencil. Very cute for a children’s room!

or you can Make fu cactus wallpaper with gold leaf pen Just like Elsie did Children’s room inspired by Palm Springs.

fainting! Elsie clips were taped from a blank wall and used bold primary paint colors to create an incredible picture rainbow accent wall.

Speaking of rainbow walls, Laura Angle rainbow DIY accent wall It is one of our most popular home decorating tools, and we can see why!

You can easily add texture and dimension to a blank wall with Painted Wooden Photo Frames. You can even save it up to give your space a budget-friendly makeover.

we love washi tape for its versatility, and Create a look or design for the wall It’s a fun and easy way to make a statement. If you decide you want to change it in the future, all you have to do is remove it!

This tone wall is an open book to Harry Potter-The inspiring room is more personalized to the theme, but So cool.

The look of wallpaper at no cost! Laura used this model To draw a geometric design on the walls of the dining room. Talk about a statement!

she also She painted a daisy design in her daughter’s bedroom. You can say she is the queen of fake wallpaper. 🙂

Ahhh!! One of our all-time favorites Incredible faux living wall In Emma’s office. No watering needed – just a little dusting every now and then. 🙂

Happy making! Don’t be afraid to try something you love about your space. xo, ABM Team.

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